The most popular dental problems

Sometimes teeth can become a big problem. Especially with the pain, nerves and more. However, there are some common disease, which happens for most of people. Moreover, if you will be careful, you can avoid these problems. Oral surgeon Dublin works at Saturday, so if you do not have from Monday to Friday, this can help you.

Which dental problems are common?

Tooth decay. It happens, because of the bacteria in plaque. It slowly eats tooth enamel and it forms holes. The reason, why it happens are sugar and starches. However, even cleaning teeth more often can help to save all teeth. Also, dentists recommend to not drink fizzy drinks and junk food, which could have too much sugar inside.

Gum disease. Also, it is a bacterial infection, but this time it eats gum tissue. Oral surgeon Dublin can help to save all teeth, if this disease is already progressed. has the best specialists for this job. Symptoms most of the time are: pain and bleeding. It can be painful even to touch it. In this case antibiotics are needed.

Tooth infection. This infection happens, when the root becomes infected by bacteria. Most of the time, the patient can feel pain. If it is already progressed, there is a need of treatment. It is not too painful; however, a healing process can take some time.

Dry mouth. It is caused by a lack of saliva. Sometimes it happens because using the medication, however, it can be other issue. Oral surgeon Dublin have specialist, which will make treatment not painful. It is necessary to have a treatment.

What is happening in your mouth?

Most of the people even when feels a pain, do not do anything. However, knowing of symptoms can help to understand and save from a painful end expensive treatment. It is important to respond quickly.